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A Small Announcement Concerning Chat

Today Cam came on chat twice, once while I was the only person on and again when Noemi and Jamie from the other wiki were online with me. He did his usual name calling and riled us up until Caulder came and banned him. It was nothing huge, mostly petty insults we've heard a thousand times over, but it does bring something to my attention. We need more Staff. I spent about a good ten minutes trying to get ahold of Caulder. If this had been someone more dangerous than this chat could've ended in true disaster. So, if you're online please do your best to be a good wiki citizen and look out for anyone intimidating, rude or troll-ish. And please, Kaer, consider recruiting more Staff. We need them. Our wiki is growing steadily and with our name plastered on the DD Wiki's mainpage it will only continue its explansion.
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So I've come up with a pretty cool idea, mostly from watching Mark and Jack at PAX. I feel like we should do our own wiki 'panels' but in the forums instead of on a stage or whatever. Pretty much it'll work like this:
Down below you can sign up to be a person on a pannel. Sign ups are open to anyone from any wiki. Now, if you don't sign up that doesn't mean you can't participate, you just won't be the main focus. Everyone will be able to ask questions when the panel's open to that, but the people who sign up and get onto a panel will pretty much have to be active and available since they'll be doing a majority of the talking. 
Also, speaking of talking, each month there will be a new panel, but a prevous panel can last far longer than a month. A panel is only closed when it has been inactive for 3 whole days, so a May panel, for example, could last until June if people show enough interest. Panels will have very general 'themes' each month, and depending on those themes is the kind of people put into that panel. I'm telling you right now, even though you'll sign up you won't be put into every single panel so you won't have to be keeping up with a ton of different conversations.
Also, I'd like for some people to volunteer as panel moderators. Panel mods pretty much regulate the panel and are the ones who decide when there will be question periods and interactive periods. You need to be responsible and mature to be a panel mod. I might be one, still on the fence about that.
So feel free to ask questions and sign up below!
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Wiki Olympics

We'd like to host a meeting on the DD wiki to talk about the event, come on whenever you can. Anyone is allowed to add their imput.
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New Staff

I added three new staff members:

Night - Admin
Caulder - Chat Mod
Rouri - Thread Mod
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