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Beyond the Sleep

Shhh... I was never here.

Beyond the Sleep Official Opening
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No, I'm not talking about editing badges, I'm talking fandom badges, kind of similar to stamps in how they function. I really wanna see this done!!
(Everyone turns to Night)
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So pretty much this is just for me working out stuff for my Novella ''Mint''. I'll probably be slow updating and such because of school work but over the weekend I'll probably update.
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AU Ideas

Because Cortana messed me up and now they're all I can think about

Expiriment AU
Fae AU
South AU
Lindesia AU
Heaven AU
Purgatory AU
Lotus Domination AU
Heheheheh, I will probably post something for each. Would um, stories about them be allowed on here or is that too fanon?
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Tell It To The Nightmare's Projects

I know I'll have a lot, so I don't think I'll spam this place with 50 differents threads, I'll just put everything onto this one.
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