• Heavy As A Heartbreak

    Episode one has finally been released! I hope you all enjoy it!

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  • Ms Person-Eater

    Alright, now that exam season is over and school is winding down (at least I hope it is, it would be awful if everyone’s teachers started cramming in extra work) we can get back to this place. I know a lot of you discussed hiatuses that wouldn’t end until June but I’m going to be inpatient and assume you’re all coming back tomorrow since that’s the first day of June c:

    Now I have a lot I want to focus on so I’ll just make a little list.

    • Page making
    • Panels
    • Wiki Olympics
    • The Podcast
    • Themes
    • Expanding our horizons
    • Helping our sister wiki

    Right now we only have 16 pages >_< yikes! We need to start making more and transferring more onto here from the other wiki. As for Panels I know the May one didn’t go very well due to the hiatuses but I feel we should…

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  • Ms Person-Eater


    April 10, 2016 by Ms Person-Eater

    Our partnership with the Dream Dimension Wiki is official! You can find a link to their wiki on our homepage. Our wikis will now be closely linked in information sharing and community. Which brings me to the next announcement which is the Inter-Wiki Olympics which still needs to develop.There aren't many details yet but they will be released as time goes on.

    Final announcement is to start making pages for yourselves! This will help our community grow and expand! Try your hardest to contribute. That's all, have a nice day!

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  • 0= =0 MAKIN' ME BLUSH


    April 6, 2016 by 0= =0 MAKIN' ME BLUSH

    Hello there! My name is Reize and I'd love to join this wiki! I'm Lindesian and don't know a lot about any western countries (Though I probably should) and was attempting to become a philosopher and peace keeper but that didn't really work out. I like to write though, and would be happy if any of you would let me contribute to this site! It has a lot of potential which I like and the rules don't seem suffocating so I want to take a shot.

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