Nenn is a teenaged girl who is is part demon and is currently attending school in the Southern Republic. 



Nenn has very dark skin and deep brown hair. She also has some freckles and very light colored blue eyes.


She tends to dress in an edgey way with heels and leather jackets, but also can wear much 'cuter' clothing like blouses and skirts. 


Nenn is a bit odd in the sense that she doesn't understand a lot of Southern culture and comes across as socially awkward. She can be extremely enthusiastic when around the right people and sometimes is a bit over dramatic, having been told multiple times that her expressions can sometimes be 'cartoonish'. 


Nenn was raised in Hell for most of her life until she decided to move to the South and began taking classes there to better her English speaking. 


Nenn and Marion attend the same school.



  • Nenn has a thick accent and tends to add 'k' to the end of words and will pronounce certain things like the 'ir' sound using special demon accents like 'hhre'. 
  • Nenn's name in demon is actually said 'Neneka'.


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