Alright, now that exam season is over and school is winding down (at least I hope it is, it would be awful if everyone’s teachers started cramming in extra work) we can get back to this place. I know a lot of you discussed hiatuses that wouldn’t end until June but I’m going to be inpatient and assume you’re all coming back tomorrow since that’s the first day of June c:

Now I have a lot I want to focus on so I’ll just make a little list.

  • Page making
  • Panels
  • Wiki Olympics
  • The Podcast
  • Themes
  • Expanding our horizons
  • Helping our sister wiki

Right now we only have 16 pages >_< yikes! We need to start making more and transferring more onto here from the other wiki. As for Panels I know the May one didn’t go very well due to the hiatuses but I feel we should keep that one up and I hope the June panel goes better! Please sign up to be in the panels if you’re interested! We need all the people we can get!

The Wiki Olympics will be on hold for a bit due to Aaron not feeling up to it, but we can still brainstorm and make preparations in the meantime. I’m going to be stringing the podcast together and hopefully Cortana and Ghira can record it soon! Oh yeah, you all were asking, it’s confirmed that Cortana and Ghira will be the voices of Beyond the Sleep.

As for a better looking theme that isn’t the main priority. But, any suggestions would be nice! Expanding our horizons pretty much means that I want us to recruit more people and do more things on here! We’re still a fetus of a wiki! We need to grow!

And, lastly, we need to help our sister wiki! They’ve been in a bit of a slump as well and I feel if we work together we can both get more wiki traffic. And well, more wiki traffic=more people=more fun.

That’s it for now! Please try your hardest to help the wiki expand and grow!